The Classic home food!

Small group – Great hands - on experience!
Price: Only 35 usd/pp

Minimum joined group size: 2

Maximum joined group size: 8
Contact info:  2/6 Le Loi str

Phone: 0123.3924.568


1. Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.

2. Crispy Assorted Sping Rolls.

3. Bun Cha-Bbq Pork Patties & Vermicelli.

4. Grilled Sea Bass In Banana Leaf.

5. Special Stuffed Squids.

Enjoy your hands-on two and a half to three hour class. If you would like to be included in a walk to the local market can you please pay an extra 1,5 usd/pp and meet at our restaurant 1 hour before the starting time.