Grilled whole duck breast

Whole free range duck breast seasoned with Asian five spices and olive oil. Grilled and served with green mango salad, garlic fried rice and orange sauce.

Pork tenderloin

Whole free range pork tenderloin seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil. Grilled then coated with Gouda cheese and served with wok tossed green beans and local noodles.

Spicy green curried Lamb

Medium cooked New Zealand lamb in our homemade green curry. Served with steamed rice.

Spicy green curried salmon

Medium cooked Norwegian salmon in our homemade green curry. Served with local noodles.

Pan-seared Tuna steak

Tuna steak seasoned with salt, black pepper, ginger, shallots and basil then pan-seared to medium rare and served with green salad, garlic fried rice and wasabi soy sauce.

Lamb luk lak.

Wok tossed New Zealand lamb over a high heat with seasonal vegetables and fresh mushrooms. Served with a shallot red wine sauce and steamed rice.

Beef tenderloin.

Australian beef tenderloin served with garden salad and a shallot red wine sauce.